Old Soul; 18 Year Old Body

Urban Dictionary:  A spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability.

I know what you’re thinking that I shouldn’t Google search urban dictionaries slang definitions, but I’m not panicked because no word in that sentence related to “gray hair” “wrinkles” and “bad style”. Do I resemble an old person? Is my personality of someone from the mid-1800’s? God, I hope not.

My boyfriend’s brother told me the other night at dinner that I have an old soul. I paused, looked at him and laughed a little because I was unsure of that compliment. He backed it up by saying “well you’re not like most 18-year-old girls, and you are really mature and have a good outlook on life”. I smiled again but nervously said thank you. I’m not sure if I believe in coincidences or not, but a week earlier a friend also referred to me as an old soul.

what the heck does this even mean.

I have put way more thought into this new self discovery more than I imagined. But if we’re being honest here then I guess I do gravitate towards the intellectual side of life and from a young age I have been interested in things not appropriate for my age group. In the seventh grade, That’s So Raven was a hit. I enjoyed watching her comical attitude, but I paid close attention to the moral of each episode. Even though I was an original Disney fanatic, I was always more interested in the intellectual side of story lines of these shows. These pursuits have been more meaningful to me as years go on.

If you are a friend of mine today I think it’s fair to say that I’m a very emotional person who feels feelings on many levels. I tend to think a lot.. about everything. Possibly over think many scenarios or weigh all of my options. But I always thought this was just in my nature to care deeply about others and put more on my shoulders.

With more understanding of what this all means. I think being called an old soul makes me more unique than others my age. I try not to get lost in the superficial details, but like to look at the big picture. When having lunch dates with my girlfriends we normally do a routine of drama, gossip, and updates on our lives. Here and there we talk about current events, but I find myself feeling out of sync with the conversations at times because I think and ask in-depth questions about topics. Most of the time they laugh and say “why are you thinking about that?” or the classic, “see this is what I mean, you think so deep about things we can’t follow”.

The term “old soul” never crossed my mind until recently, but I smile at the thought of having more not so real but real experiences than my peers which enables me to give wisdom beyond my years of living. I’m basically Dr. Phil at this point.

As long as I still look like the stylish young woman I am, and can live without Dr Phil’s hairless head and crows feet I’m more than content with my emotional stability and deeper understanding of life.

I’m an old soul, are you?




One thought on “Old Soul; 18 Year Old Body

  1. I am often referred to as an ‘old soul who was born in the wrong era’ for some of the reasons you have listed here and also for my love of 80’s music. I just think that today’s music isn’t as good. If that makes me an old soul, then I will take it 🙂

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