Why it’s Important to have Goals

I can probably make a giant list of why it’s important to have goals, but today, I’m going to focus on one really important reason. Having goals makes me feel happy!

Recently, I’ve thought about happiness and self-esteem. These two go hand in hand, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re not happy, your self-esteem is most likely low, vise versa. No matter if I’m having a bad day about my body image or if it’s a bad day in general, I forget that there’s way more to self-esteem than solely focusing on body image. I’m not always the most confident person, and sometimes I would consider myself an introvert. But, when I’m asked about both personal and career goals, I feel my face brighten, because I’m always so happy to talk about it. I can literally talk about my short and long term goals  for hours, and I normally get so excited that I forget to slow down when speaking. My sisters have always laughed at me when I talk about something exciting, because without recognizing I begin to speak really fast and end up mumbling, because I forget to enunciate my words.

It’s important to have clear and specific goals, because we can allow ourselves to be interested in whatever the goal may be, and without noticing it makes us happy to know the possibility of accomplishing them. I’ll admit, I’m a pretty self-cautious person. Most people are. But, when talking about my goals I am definitely not self-cautious, and this is something to be happy about!

Have you ever been asked about your goals, and proceeded to talk about them so passionately that you didn’t even worry what someone else thought? It’s a pretty dang good feeling, isn’t it.

So, I’ve been thinking..

What if a way to re-build self-esteem is to focus on the types of feelings we get when speaking about goals? And a good way to do this is to take mental notes of what your body language is saying, how your emotions are, and how it makes you feel to talk about them. What if, the more we positively and passionately we talked about our goals the more self-esteem we create for ourselves. Sure, it may only be one outlet of positive self-esteem, but that’s a big step for someone who has struggled with it. Once we get familiar with these positive feelings again, it will become contagious, and perhaps, we can continue strive to think more positively.

And sometimes, small steps like this take a lot of courage to do, but it is totally possible and WORTH it to love who you are.


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